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Information on Illness/Trauma and Intimacy/Relationships

“Traumatic events call into question basic human relationships. They breach the attachments of family, friendship, love, and community. They shatter the construction of the self that is formed and sustained in relation to others. They undermine the belief systems that give meaning to human experience. They violate the victim’s faith in a natural or divine order and cast the victim’s faith into a state of existential crisis (p. 51).”

–Judith Herman’s Trauma & Recovery

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Social Media Guide- Tell a Story

When people hear a story the first thing they do is compare the story to their own life experience.

Using storytelling on a social media platform can be done effectively through microblogging (think Facebook/Instagram).  This is where you take a whole blog’s post worth of content and turn it into a small condensed, high impact piece combined with visual content, no more than a couple of paragraphs.

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